CCCamp 2019 Lightning Talks

»10 Jahre dudle an der TU Dresden - ein Résumé« Ben; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Kurze Geschichten über den 10-jährigen Betrieb der Web-Event-Scheduling Software an der TU Dresden

»Let's talk about suffering« Dorota; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

What are educated ways to make the world better? Effective Altruism wants to find the answers.

»Food Hacking Base 2019« František Algoldor Apfelbeck; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Food Hacking Base is moving on, here comes our sunny report.

» 1-click orders for open source hardware electronics« Kaspar Emanuel; Lightning Talk (5 minutes) is a site that lets you share projects and lets you order complete kits of open source hardware electronics from various distributors

»Hacking how we see« Ben Senior; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Can people who don't see in 3D hack how they see? Can we change the world by building a global citizen-science experiment to definitively find out?

»How to talk lightning« bigalex; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

A brief introduction to the CCCamp 2019 Lighning Talks session.

»Teaching IoT with Open Hardware and GitHub Classroom« tamberg; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Lessons learned teaching IoT engineering to bachelor students at FHNW, an applied science university in Switzerland.

»Backstage penetration« Mastro Gippo; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

How I got into the backstage of one of the biggest concerts in Italy

»Mb2.r5oHf-0t« Chris K; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

How to help users choose less bad passwords

»Badge Magic« hpdang; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Magically Create Text and Cliparts on LED Name Badges using Bluetooth

»Open Science and Open Robotics with Pocket Science Lab« Mario Behling, Wei Tat Chung; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Pocket Science Lab is an Open Hardware and Open Source software project. We now support desktop PCs and have more instruments and robotic support.

»Digital Analog TV (en)« marble; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

A walk through of how I implemented PAL analog color television using ffmpeg, GNU Radio Companion and the rad1o.

»SUSI.AI Voice Assistent for Smart Speakers, Web, Mobile, Desktop« Mario Behling, Michael Christen; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

SUSI.AI is an Open Source voice assistant solution running on all kinds of platforms.

»Introducing DEEP« fukami; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

The debate on digital issues in the EU has a structural problem. DEEP is a new player in Brussels to address it.

»Draw the internet!« Roeckoe; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

I asked children between 6 and 12 to draw the internet to better understand how future generations think about the internet today.

»Eine Wende für flexible Verkehrssysteme« Felix D.; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Wie die Welt mit freier Software und offenenen Daten den ÖPNV revolutioniert.

»Gemeinnützig Software Entwickeln« mo; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Kurzvorstellung des Technikkultivierungszentrums, einer gemeinnützigen GmbH als Dach für Freie Software-Projekte

»7 October 2019 - International Uprising - Movement of Movements - Extinction Rebellion« Mars Robertson; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Mass participation civil disobedience to shut down the government, to achieve the emergency action needed to tackle the crisis.

»"Digitalization and cyber are two sides of the same coin." A quote and its story« Jens Ohlig; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

I'll tell the story of a confusing statement by Ursula von der Leyen. Be prepared to be surprised.

»Announcing “Shutdown for Climate”: The internet joins the global climate strike on September 20.« blipp; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

This movement tries to get as many websites as possible to show a “green out” page on September 20, motivating its users to join demonstration+strikes

»Android! Privacy is not a luxury« Christopher Weatherhead; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Talk to introduce the problematic nature of preinstalled apps on low cost devices. Briefly covering the primary issues and proposed solutions

»Make more environmentally friendly« Stefan Schindler (@dns2utf8); Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Climate change is happening. How can we as organizers lessen the impact we have with our events? Here are some ideas ...

»Ola Bini: unfairly persecuted for working in cryptography, security and privacy« Sofía Celi; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Ola Bini, privacy advocate and free software developer, was detained in Ecuador on April 11. Since then, a persecution has occurred against him.

»Introducing Neurodiversity« Jontje; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

A quick introduction of the concept of Neurodiversity and how it has been impacted by the internet and especially social media.

»distri: a Linux distribution to research fast package management« Michael Stapelberg; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Linux package management in larger distributions (apt, rpm, …) is too slow. distri explores a faster approach to package management.

»Securing Server-Side Scripting« Daniel Grahl; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Establishing a secure runtime environment for untrusted scripts running on a critical infrastructure server.

»OpenSCAD - Making 3D objects by code« Anykey; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Drawing for people who can not draw, but know how to code. Brief explanation (thru examples) of what OpenSCAD is and showing some example projects.

»Documenting proprietary BMC hardware« bmcfun; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

BMCs historically run proprietary firmware. I have started a project to document the hardware of HP iLO 3/4/5, so that we can write our own firmware.

»Unified Alpha« pippin; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Unifying capabilities of premultiplied- and straight alpha pixel encodings by dodging asymptotic and undefined behavior.

»25 Jahre Internet für alle - und dann? - Der PING e.V.« Bettina; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Das Internet war mal exotisch und ist nun allerorten. Wie übersteht man als gemeinnütziger Internet-Verein diesen Wandel und was macht PING heute?

»Automated Ground Control Points for Drones« quanten; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

We use QR-Codes to create Ground Control Points for drone photogrammetry. Just lay them down, take photos and our software will find them.

»AI-powered Robots in Real Life« Hao; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

What's the state-of-the-art in AI and Robotics, and how they get to be applied in real-life.

»Open Laser Tag« gldhnchn; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Wir möchten ein Open Hardware/Source Lasertagsystem bauen. In diesem Talk gebe ich einen kurzen Überblick über unseren Ansatz und Entwicklungsstand.

»Janitor - From working on Firefox to bootstrapping development environments« Etienne Wan; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

A platform to bootstrap development environments to work on big open-source projects such as Firefox, Chromium... and the list is growing !