CCCamp 2019 Lightning Talks

“Eine Wende für flexible Verkehrssysteme” Felix D. · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Wie die Welt mit freier Software und offenenen Daten den ÖPNV revolutioniert.

“Food Hacking Base 2019” František Algoldor Apfelbeck · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Food Hacking Base is moving on, here comes our sunny report.

“Mb2.r5oHf-0t” Chris K · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

How to help users choose less bad passwords

“Backstage penetration” Mastro Gippo · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

How I got into the backstage of one of the biggest concerts in Italy

“Teaching IoT with Open Hardware and GitHub Classroom” tamberg · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Lessons learned teaching IoT engineering to bachelor students at FHNW, an applied science university in Switzerland.

“How to talk lightning” bigalex · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

A brief introduction to the CCCamp 2019 Lighning Talks session.

“Introducing DEEP” fukami · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

The debate on digital issues in the EU has a structural problem. DEEP is a new player in Brussels to address it.

“Digital Analog TV (en)” marble · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

A walk through of how I implemented PAL analog color television using ffmpeg, GNU Radio Companion and the rad1o.

“Hacking how we see” Ben Senior · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Can people who don't see in 3D hack how they see? Can we change the world by building a global citizen-science experiment to definitively find out?

“SUSI.AI Voice Assistent for Smart Speakers, Web, Mobile, Desktop” Mario Behling, Michael Christen · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

SUSI.AI is an Open Source voice assistant solution running on all kinds of platforms.

“Badge Magic” Hong Phuc Dang · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Magically Create Text and Cliparts on LED Name Badges using Bluetooth

“Open Science and Open Robotics with Pocket Science Lab” Wei Tat Chung, Mario Behling · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Pocket Science Lab is an Open Hardware and Open Source software project. We now support desktop PCs and have more instruments and robotic support.

“Draw the internet!” Roeckoe · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

I asked children between 6 and 12 to draw the internet to better understand how future generations think about the internet today.

“7 October 2019 - International Uprising - Movement of Movements - Extinction Rebellion” Mars Robertson · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Mass participation civil disobedience to shut down the government, to achieve the emergency action needed to tackle the crisis.

“ 1-click orders for open source hardware electronics” Kaspar Emanuel · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English is a site that lets you share projects and lets you order complete kits of open source hardware electronics from various distributors

“"Digitalization and cyber are two sides of the same coin." A quote and its story” Jens Ohlig · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

I'll tell the story of a confusing statement by Ursula von der Leyen. Be prepared to be surprised.

“Gemeinnützig Software Entwickeln” mo · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Kurzvorstellung des Technikkultivierungszentrums, einer gemeinnützigen GmbH als Dach für Freie Software-Projekte

“Announcing “Shutdown for Climate”: The internet joins the global climate strike on September 20.” blipp · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This movement tries to get as many websites as possible to show a “green out” page on September 20, motivating its users to join demonstration+strikes

“Android! Privacy is not a luxury” Christopher Weatherhead · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Talk to introduce the problematic nature of preinstalled apps on low cost devices. Briefly covering the primary issues and proposed solutions

“Ola Bini: unfairly persecuted for working in cryptography, security and privacy” Sofía Celi · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Ola Bini, privacy advocate and free software developer, was detained in Ecuador on April 11. Since then, a persecution has occurred against him.

“Documenting proprietary BMC hardware” bmcfun · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

BMCs historically run proprietary firmware. I have started a project to document the hardware of HP iLO 3/4/5, so that we can write our own firmware.

“Securing Server-Side Scripting” Daniel Grahl · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Establishing a secure runtime environment for untrusted scripts running on a critical infrastructure server.

“OpenSCAD - Making 3D objects by code” Anykey · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Drawing for people who can not draw, but know how to code. Brief explanation (thru examples) of what OpenSCAD is and showing some example projects.

“distri: a Linux distribution to research fast package management” Michael Stapelberg · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Linux package management in larger distributions (apt, rpm, …) is too slow. distri explores a faster approach to package management.

“Make more environmentally friendly” Stefan Schindler (@dns2utf8) · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Climate change is happening. How can we as organizers lessen the impact we have with our events? Here are some ideas ...

“Introducing Neurodiversity” Jontje · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

A quick introduction of the concept of Neurodiversity and how it has been impacted by the internet and especially social media.

“Unified Alpha” pippin · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Unifying capabilities of premultiplied- and straight alpha pixel encodings by dodging asymptotic and undefined behavior.

“25 Jahre Internet für alle - und dann? - Der PING e.V.” Bettina · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Das Internet war mal exotisch und ist nun allerorten. Wie übersteht man als gemeinnütziger Internet-Verein diesen Wandel und was macht PING heute?

“Janitor - From working on Firefox to bootstrapping development environments” Etienne Wan · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

A platform to bootstrap development environments to work on big open-source projects such as Firefox, Chromium... and the list is growing !

“Automated Ground Control Points for Drones” quanten · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

We use QR-Codes to create Ground Control Points for drone photogrammetry. Just lay them down, take photos and our software will find them.

“Let's talk about suffering” Dorota · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

What are educated ways to make the world better? Effective Altruism wants to find the answers.

“AI-powered Robots in Real Life” Hao · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

What's the state-of-the-art in AI and Robotics, and how they get to be applied in real-life.

“Open Laser Tag” Florian · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Wir möchten ein Open Hardware/Source Lasertagsystem bauen. In diesem Talk gebe ich einen kurzen Überblick über unseren Ansatz und Entwicklungsstand.

“10 Jahre dudle an der TU Dresden - ein Résumé” Ben · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Kurze Geschichten über den 10-jährigen Betrieb der Web-Event-Scheduling Software an der TU Dresden