CCCamp 2019 Lightning Talks

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Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019

How to talk lightning (bigalex)
Food Hacking Base 2019 (František Algoldor Apfelbeck)
Mb2.r5oHf-0t (Chris K)
Digital Analog TV (en) (marble)
Eine Wende für flexible Verkehrssysteme (Felix D.)
Hacking how we see (Ben Senior)
7 October 2019 - International Uprising - Movement of Movements - Extinction Rebellion (Mars Robertson)
distri: a Linux distribution to research fast package management (Michael Stapelberg)
25 Jahre Internet für alle - und dann? - Der PING e.V. (Bettina)
Automated Ground Control Points for Drones (quanten)
Unified Alpha (pippin)
Let's talk about suffering (Dorota)
Teaching IoT with Open Hardware and GitHub Classroom (tamberg)
SUSI.AI Voice Assistent for Smart Speakers, Web, Mobile, Desktop (Mario Behling, Michael Christen)
Badge Magic (Hong Phuc Dang)
"Digitalization and cyber are two sides of the same coin." A quote and its story (Jens Ohlig)
Introducing DEEP (fukami)
Draw the internet! (Roeckoe) 1-click orders for open source hardware electronics (Kaspar Emanuel)
Android! Privacy is not a luxury (Christopher Weatherhead)
OpenSCAD - Making 3D objects by code (Anykey)
Introducing Neurodiversity (Jontje)
AI-powered Robots in Real Life (Hao)
10 Jahre dudle an der TU Dresden - ein Résumé (Ben)
Gemeinnützig Software Entwickeln (mo)
Announcing “Shutdown for Climate”: The internet joins the global climate strike on September 20. (blipp)
Open Science and Open Robotics with Pocket Science Lab (Wei Tat Chung, Mario Behling)
Ola Bini: unfairly persecuted for working in cryptography, security and privacy (Sofía Celi)
Securing Server-Side Scripting (Daniel Grahl)
Documenting proprietary BMC hardware (bmcfun)
Backstage penetration (Mastro Gippo)
Make more environmentally friendly (Stefan Schindler (@dns2utf8))
Open Laser Tag (Florian)
Janitor - From working on Firefox to bootstrapping development environments (Etienne Wan)