35C3 Lightning Talks Overflow

Orbital: An experimental low-level PlayStation 4 emulator
2018-12-29, 21:35–21:40, ChaosZone Stage

Overview of Orbital, a WIP PS4 emulator. We compare it to other console emulators, describe how we execute the PS4 software and emulate its hardware.

Overview of Orbital, a work-in-progress PS4 LLE emulator. We briefly compare it to other emulators of modern consoles, describe how we executed part of the PS4 software stack, specifically the kernel and userland binaries on your host PC by using virtualization and our contributions to the Intel HAXM hypervisor. Finally, we describe how we are currently emulating some of the hardware devices: SAMU, GPU and Aeolia, and the large future work that is still pending.