35C3 Lightning Talks Overflow

“Coding in VR, first building blocks” utopiah · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Using principles from Scratch to embed programming rules and syntax in simple to grasp geometry and instantaneous feedback from Bret Victor.

“HQ Metal 3D-Printing On A Budget” Paul · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

We realised a method to precision-weld metal powder using common arc-welding tools. Further improvement of powder transport is needed, though.

“There really are cookie monsters! 😱” Valentina · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Web and mobile tracking has gone off the rails - do we have enough tools to tell companies that we don't want to be profiled, monitored, exploited?

“Securely saving and remembering” Michael · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

We use our smartphones as photocameras. But creating memories should be different than putting it all in one galery and trust Google or Apple with it.

“Datenspuren 2019” koeart · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Die Datenspuren ist eine kostenlose jährliche Veranstaltung des Chaos Computer Club Dresden die sich an alle selbstdenkenden Wesen richtet.

“Paradox of Tolerance, self-criticsm and being humble and kind” 1peter10 · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Remaining open to those that may not understand our values, while keeping ourselves in check.

“Orbital: An experimental low-level PlayStation 4 emulator” Alexandro Sanchez · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Overview of Orbital, a WIP PS4 emulator. We compare it to other console emulators, describe how we execute the PS4 software and emulate its hardware.

“A Futurology of Congress. Call for Action” Louis Fabu · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

The Congress is the best place on earth but it always was too short and sold out way too fast. Let's think about building the whole thing!