35C3 Lightning Talks Overflow

»Orbital: An experimental low-level PlayStation 4 emulator« Alexandro Sanchez; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Overview of Orbital, a WIP PS4 emulator. We compare it to other console emulators, describe how we execute the PS4 software and emulate its hardware.

»Coding in VR, first building blocks« utopiah; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Using principles from Scratch to embed programming rules and syntax in simple to grasp geometry and instantaneous feedback from Bret Victor.

»Datenspuren 2019« koeart; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Die Datenspuren ist eine kostenlose jährliche Veranstaltung des Chaos Computer Club Dresden die sich an alle selbstdenkenden Wesen richtet.

»Paradox of Tolerance, self-criticsm and being humble and kind« 1peter10; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Remaining open to those that may not understand our values, while keeping ourselves in check.

»Securely saving and remembering« Michael; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

We use our smartphones as photocameras. But creating memories should be different than putting it all in one galery and trust Google or Apple with it.

»HQ Metal 3D-Printing On A Budget« Paul; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

We realised a method to precision-weld metal powder using common arc-welding tools. Further improvement of powder transport is needed, though.

»There really are cookie monsters! 😱« Valentina; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

Web and mobile tracking has gone off the rails - do we have enough tools to tell companies that we don't want to be profiled, monitored, exploited?

»A Futurology of Congress. Call for Action« Louis Fabu; Lightning Talk (5 minutes)

The Congress is the best place on earth but it always was too short and sold out way too fast. Let's think about building the whole thing!