35C3 Lightning Talks Overflow

Lightningtalks Overflow - Day 3 21:00 at ChaosZone Stage

So you want to submit an Overflow Lighting Talk? That's great! This works exactly the same way the Lightning Talks work:

  • After completing the submission form, please send us your PDF slides via mail. To do that, simply answer the confirmation mail you receive. We assign timeslots only if we have slides. Prelimininary slides are okay, you can send us updated slides until 3 hours before the session starts (= 29th of December, 18:00) A title slide with your name/handle and the title of your talk suffices for registration.
  • If you want, you can upload the slides as "Resources" in the submission form for your talk. This will make them publically available via download link in the schedule and on the detail page for your talk.
  • Please register only if you have a confirmed congress ticket - no ticket, no lightning talk.
  • No advertisements for commercial products or companies. If in doubt, contact us so we can work something out.
  • Please keep the principles of the Chaos Communication Congress in mind: https://help.ccc.de/principles.en.html
  • If you have any questions regarding the process, feel free to contact us at 35c3overflow at c3lt dot de!

Ready? Then let's do this!