A Home-brew computer club* for Connected Autonomous Mobility
2018-12-30, 11:40–11:45, Borg

Interested in how to make a vehicle drive autonomously? Connect with people at https://bit.ly/2Ahafc6, exchange ideas and do cool projects together!

  1. Meet us with our friends of the Automotive Security Research Group in their assembly https://bit.ly/2EMCGT5
  2. Find a meetup near you: see diyrobocars.com
    We work together with friends in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Oakland, Stuttgart, ...
  3. Build your own car: see 2
  4. Join us at www.meetup.com/Connected-Autonomous-Driving/ and run your own car
  5. Follow us on Twitter: @robomakerspace

*coined by @Chr1sa