"Strokes" - Helping you learn Chinese characters
2018-12-28, 12:20–12:25, Borg

I wrote a project that creates worksheets that teach you how to write most Chinese characters, stroke-by-stroke. Goal was to make it easier to learn.

Learning how to write Chinese characters takes a lot of time and energy. What if we could reduce that cost a bit? In this talk, I will talk about:

  1. A FLOSS Android app I found for learning Chinese writing,
  2. A database of stroke-by-stroke descriptions of the characters,
  3. A bit about how Chinese characters are drawn,
  4. My FLOSS project that creates printable Chinese caligraphy worksheets.

Slides: http://goo.gl/bbDL44

Application's demo: https://strokes.ovh. Might become slashdotted.

See also: Presentation slides