“Lightning Talks Introduction Day 2” gedsic · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

A short introduction to the Lightning Talks Day 2 session

“Lightning Talks Introduction Day 3” gedsic · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

A short introduction to the Lightning Talks Day 3 session

“Lightning Talks Introduction Day 4” gedsic · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

A short introduction to the Lightning Talks Day 3 session

“15 minute break - 15 Minuten Pause” gedsic · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

15 minute break - 15 Minuten Pause

“15 minute break - 15 Minuten Pause” gedsic · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

15 minute break - 15 Minuten Pause

“15 minute break - 15 Minuten Pause” gedsic · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

15 minute break - 15 Minuten Pause

“ma1lm4n.mp4” jiska · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Hacking my apartment's door communication system camera

“BalCCon2k19” Jelena_BalCCon · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

BalCCon2k19-Balkan Computer Congress is three days gathering of the international hacker community in the organization of LUGoNS.

“OpenSource im ERV am Beispiel von j-lawyer” Christoph R. Müller · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Der ERV ist dominiert von properitärer Software. Dass dies
jedenfalls auf Seiten der Anwaltschaft nicht zwingend ist, zeigt das
Beispiel j-lawyer.

“Make Automotive Grade Again” knilch · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Why the automotive industry needs you, and why you should care.

“Chaosbots” watz · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Die Chaosbots sind Personen, die neuen Mitgliedern der Chaos Familie den Einstieg in die CCC-Welt näher bringen und mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen.

“podcasterinnen.org - oder: jede Idee beginnt mit dem Kauf einer neuen Domain” Daniela Ishorst · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Podcasterinnen und nicht-binäre Podcastende hör- und sichtbar machen. Auf Bühnen, in Workshops und in Podcasts.

“Kitspace.org: 1-click orders for open source hardware electronics” Kaspar Emanuel · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Kitspace.org is a site to share electronics projects that makes it easier to buy parts and re-build projects.

“Alternative keyboards and keyboardlayouts” sohalt · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

What alternatives to the classical QWERTY keyboard exist and why should you even care?

“Feminism” Leena Simon, melzai · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Why we need feminism

“The Haecksen” ghostrich, Piko, melzai · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

The group of women in the CCC has now over 150 members, at least four active local groups and runs a large Dom in H2.

“A Call to Action For Moving Towards Equality” melzai · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

The movement towards equality is not just a movement where minorities participate.
You can, too!

“Baut kleine geile Startups auf” Peer Aaron de Luun · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Startups sind cool - scheinbar. Eigentlich sind sie alle durchweg scheiße und gesellschaftsschädlich. Aber wie würden denn coole Startups aussehen?

“Announcing satRday Berlin 2019” Noa Tamir · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

the Berlin satRday group is a team of professional data scientists who are looking to organize Berlin’s first satRday conference

“netlink and go” florian · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Netlink is used to transfer information between the kernel and user-space. This talk will show, how this can be done with golang.

“Hack4Climate and United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24)” Mars Robertson · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Innovation program for exponential #ClimateAction. Presenting tools and technologies from #COP24 conference and #Hack4Climate hackathon.

““war on drugs” - undoing 50 years of fake news and propaganda” Mars Robertson · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Brief history of why narcotics are illegal and recent news in the area of psychedelic research.

“Software-Accessibility - was soll schon schiefgehen?” nwng · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Software ist oft nicht barrierefrei! Wie uns Sehbehinderte das manchmal einschränkt erzähle ich kurz und knapp in diesem Talk.

“BorgBackup Update” Thomas Waldmann · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

I'll give an update about borg, related software/services and recent developments.


“The cheapiest power side channels” Albert spruyt · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Want to recover cryptographic keys by just looking at a chip's power usage, for the price of a few beers?

“Human Connection - the free and open source social network for active citizenship” Robert Schäfer · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

How to connect an open source social network with the federated social network universe, aka the "Fediverse"?

“Find your open source contributors in online learner communities” Robert Schäfer · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Are you a lone fighter on your open source project because you cannot hire developers? Invest your time and skills instead and do some good!

“Medienkompetenz kann man nicht downloaden!” Jens Möller · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Die spielerische Auseinandersetzung mit Technik und Medien reicht heute nicht mehr aus, um auch kritisches Bewusstsein zu fördern.

“Public Sector Information Directive - Open Data” Walter Palmetshofer / vavoida · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

The Public Sector Information Directive will define the available data sets from governments for years ...

“P455w0rd Strength Meters: Any good?” nikanta, kannX · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This talk takes a look at password strength meters, presents a new meter model, and launches the inaugural Password Hacker Contest.

“"Strokes" - Helping you learn Chinese characters” d33tah · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

I wrote a project that creates worksheets that teach you how to write most Chinese characters, stroke-by-stroke. Goal was to make it easier to learn.

“#HACC hackers against climate change” Mars Robertson · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

How do you talk about climate action? How do you convince people to act? Some well known examples of the climate change.

“We need to tell a story better than cyberpunk” Pawel 'alxd' Ngei · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Not every baker and schoolteacher needs to understand HTTP or assembly language, but they all should know why net neutrality is important.

“An exercise in collaboration” Curry Club Augsburg · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

An exercise in collaboration

“Neue Horizonte - Digitalisierung in der Medizin ist möglich” Stefan Streit · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

So gelingt Digitalisierung in der Medizin. Sogar die Telematikinfrastruktur kann so DSGVO-konform umgesetzt werden.

“EventFahrplan” tbsprs · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

One app to serve you all.

“Getaviz – Solving Software Engineering Problems in 3 simple Steps” Deleted User · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Getaviz is an open source project for solving software engineering problems visually.

“Chiptunes on an Attiny4” gir · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Implementing an existing "algorithmic soundscape" in AVR-assembly -- on Atmel's smallest microcontroller

“Faire Elektronik: is there anybody out there?” Verena Kaiser · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

"Faire Elektronik-Produkte" heißt leider kein einziges Regal im Elektro-Fachgeschäft unseres Vertrauens. 5 Minuten dazu, wie wir das ändern können.

“How to code with DIP switches only” SvOlli · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Writing 32 bytes of code for the Atari 2600 VCS just using DIP switches to make a tiny demo.

“Lightning Talks: was kann schon schief gehen / what could possibly go wrong ?” SvOlli · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Lightning Talks sind leicht ... oder nicht? Sind doch bloß fünf Minuten. Wir erzählen, was alles so schief gehen kann, als Orga und als Vortragender.

“Food Hacking Base (fhb) 2019” František Algoldor Apfelbeck · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

We fly through the fhb adventures during the "crazy 2018", remember the Newline in Gent, Fri3D camp, party EMF, the CCC congress. And 2019? Well ...

“Crypto payments in hyperinflation countries and beyond - example Dash” Felix Mago · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This talk will focus on strategies to onboard and empower merchants to accepts cryptocurrencies and to motivate users to pay with them

“"Deine QR-Codes gehen an Google!" – ein Offline-QR-Code-Generator als Alternative” rugk · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Viele Browser-Add-ons zum Generieren von QR-Codes senden diese an Google. Dieser Talk stellt einen alternativen Offline-QR-Code-Generator vor.

“Take control of your digital identity with IRMA” Confiks · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This talk will introduce IRMA, which offers privacy-friendly, secure and open source attribute-based authentication and signing.

“openage” JJ · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

openage is a free Age of Empires II engine. We'll present the project's progress of the last year and future plans.

“Dissolving GAFAM, a bit at a time” 0x4c.de · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

“We need to re-decentralise the web” @TimBl, 2014
“You are never too small to make a difference” Greta Thunberg, 2018, Cattowice

“Gender and IoT (#GIoT): The rise of the Internet of Things and implications for technology-facilitated abuse” Leonie · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This talk will highlight findings from a research project at UCL and encourages anyone interested in the topic to get in touch / get involved.

“Warum wir zwei Jahre lang Wikibooks ausgedruckt haben” serlo@vroland.de, richard@agdsn.me · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Unser Tool exportiert das Wiki "Mathe für Nicht-Freaks" in ein druckbares PDF. Wir zeigen das Projekt, den Dachverein Serlo und wie Du helfen kannst.

“TUMexam: Wie wir mit 1000+ Klausuren fertig werden” Stephan Günther · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

TUMexam ist ein System für Scannerklausuren, das viele Abläufe großer schriftlicher Prüfungen automatisiert - einschließlich Einsicht.

“Open Legal Data: Make Law Transparent Again.” Saskia Ostendorff · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Obwohl Urteile im Namen des Volkes ergehen, sind sie nur unzureichend zugänglich. Wir ändern das, indem wir Urteile als Open Data veröffentlichen.

“The importance of Privacy in iOS” StuFF mc · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

I want to summarize some things an iOS developer should do to ensure the most critical user can still use my app in some regards.

“Exploiting WPS-PBC on Windows 10” sophron · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This lighting talk will discuss a Wi-Fi association technique against clients running Windows 10.

“Introduction to sigrok” Soeren · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This talk will provide an introduction to the open source sigrok project.

“Datenkrake gefunden, und nun?” Alvar Freude · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Was tun, wenn Du eine Software, App, Hardware, Website, … gefunden hast, die zu viele Daten nach Hause oder irgendwo hin telefoniert oder Daten leakt?

“Miniaturizing Laboratories with Pocket Science Lab” Mario Behling · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

PSLab is a small USB powered open hardware extension for your Android phone or PC that lets you measure all kinds of things.

“GNU/Linux/Unix Improved” zem · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Linux security is painful! Linux operation is painful! It has not be that way.

“Bodymind Operating Systems” Dmitry Paranyushkin · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

What is the software you are running in your body and in your mind?

“Introducing RabbitControl- The Remote Control Protocol” i.n.g.o., joreg, ingo randolf · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

We introduce a protocol and API's to expose parameters from any application and control them in a generic UI client.

“How to Generate Insight Using Text Network Analysis” Dmitry Paranyushkin · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

How to use text network visualization to generate new ideas.

“Open Hardware and Free Software Camera for for Long- Range 3D perception enhanced by Neural Network” Polto · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

We present a Neural Network friendly Open Hardware camera rig solution.

“Improving digital discussions with `sober`” Cark · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

LT about the tool https://sober-arguments.net which might lead to less frustrating and more constructive discussions, especially in small groups.

“TAN - Tree Area Network” i.n.g.o. · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

experiment with near-field communication in the wild to send data over a tree. the jungle as a data-network.

“A complete description of the IPoWAC protocol” danrl · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

IP over Web-Avian Carriers (IPoWAC) brings RFC 1149 (IP over Avian Carriers) to the modern web.

“A Home-brew computer club* for Connected Autonomous Mobility” Rainer · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Interested in how to make a vehicle drive autonomously? Connect with people at https://bit.ly/2Ahafc6, exchange ideas and do cool projects together!

“FOSSASIA - A 10 Year Journey” Hong Phuc Dang · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

The story from birth to the 10th Anniversary of an Asia's Open Source Community. Achievements and Challenges. Friendship vs. Conflict. Lessons learned

“Navigating in Linux Kernel Security Area” Alexander Popov / a13xp0p0v · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

I will present the Linux Kernel Defence Map and kconfig-hardened-check script for checking Linux kernel config against hardening recommendations

“Why we need GNU/Linux on mobile devices (now more than ever)” Jan Sprinz · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

A look into possible future scenarios for the mobile OS market and a quick intro to some projects trying to save us from certain annihilation.

“Videoüberwachung im Schafstall” Lorenz Michael Vögel · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Warum und wie ich begonnen habe meine Schafe per IP-Camera zu überwachen.

“Santa's ELF Fingerprinting” Knightingale · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Sometimes it is necessary to know how certain binaries are built. We'll talk about which heuristics will grant us the information we need.

“Update für die Fahrradwege deiner Stadt” David Grünewald · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · German

Die Radwege in deiner Stadt sind marode und gefährlich? Hier zeigen wir ein Tool, dass das ändert, den Radentscheid.

“Smart Contract Security - Securify” Hubert Ritzdorf · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Smart contract security is a major issue. Securify is a free and open-source scanner for common vulnerabilities inside smart contracts.

“Sailing to the New Paradigm” Liam Astralship · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Blockchain, Pirates, Hackers, Permaculture. A new paradigm proposal for adopting disused builing as new paradigm economic bases.

“revfs - export a local directory via ssh” Stefan Schindler @dns2utf8 · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Some people know sshfs where you can export a remote folder locally.
I would like to show how the reverse is useful and how far my OSS prototype is.

“Pivot to the Cloud using Pass the Cookie” Johann Rehberger · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This talk will discuss Pass the Cookie which is a post-exploitation technique adversaries and red teams use to pivot from on-premise to cloud asset.

“Introduction to Authentication using OpenID Connect” Benni · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

A short introduction about the authorization framework OpenID Connect

“WICCA: Women in Cybersecurity Community Amsterdam” @vm00z · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

This 5-minute session is to introduce WICCA, a new Dutch initiative to start a women-only InfoSec group of badass hacker ladies in the Netherlands!

“Mathematicians+Ethics=Error404” Maurice Chiodo · Lightning Talk (5 minutes) · English

Mathematics is one of the most important tools in the modern world, yet most mathematicians receive no ethical training. See a problem?